Josh Rounds Up All the Saw Stuff You Can Do

 Editorial Note:  Dave was supposed to put this up a couple of weeks ago, but spaced it because he thought there was more to be added, but he just screwed up.  We now return you to your Saw article.

 The beginning of October is here and for many that means they look forward to when they can dress up and get multiple sugar highs on October 31st. But for a few, it’s the anticipation for the next installment of an underappreciated horror franchise. Like it or not, the Saw franchise have staked their grounds every October for the past 5 years as their own. Year after year, the series is able to turn out another moneymaker for Lionsgate, often surprise and fulfill their fans expectations, and has even collected over 80,000 pints of blood for their annual blood drive. As of last year alone, the franchise gave us the tagline, “If it’s Halloween, then it must be SAW“. This year it’s no different. Liongsate is determined to make this year one of the biggest for Saw fans yet. I’m here to tell you what to expect.

Starting on September 26, those who really want to experience that wrath of Jigsaw can travel down to Brea California for an interactive haunted house event like no other. It’s a 10,000 square foot interactive walkthrough that puts its victim’s life in the hands of Jigsaws as they encounter traps to make their way out. General admission tickets are only $13. Sounds like a truly terrifying and entertaining time. For more information you can visit the event’s myspace page at:

As always, the annual Saw blood drive is happening again this year. If you would like to give an hour of your time to save some lives, you can visit:

On October 23rd, select theaters across the country will be hosting the Saw Marathon. It’s $18 a ticket and consists of a screening of the first 4 Saw entries, with a screening of Saw 5 at midnight. I personally will be attending the marathon here at the Cinemark 16 in Colorado Springs. Let me know if anyone is out here and we can meet up and enjoy the films together. For more information go here:

This will most likely be a reoccurring convention over time if its successful this year, but many key actors and creative personnel from all 5 films will be gathering in New York City from November 14-16 to talk to fans and give insight into the series. So far some of the actors who will be appearing are: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Betsy Russell, Costas Mandylor and many more! Every person who attends, regardless of what ticket you purchase, will have the opportunity to meet and get autographs from the actors. I would love to go however due to lack of funds, I’m in college; I will not be able to attend. Let us know if anyone gets to go, we would love to hear about your experience. For more information go here:

Some know that there is a team working on a video game that is supposed to interweave all of the films together in a unique way. There is not that much information out there as far as what it’s going to be about or what kind of game it’s going to be but it’s definitely something to keep your eye out for if you’re a fan of the series. To check out the game’s official website go here:

As for now, this should cover everything Saw related for the next few weeks. If there are any updates on any of these events, I will stay on top of them. Once again, if anyone goes to any of these events, let us know how they were, we would love to hear from you!

“The games have just begun…”

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