In which Ethan pimps his newly-formed Tumblr account

Yes, I decided to file this under cool stuff.

Anywho, me and Dave had previously discussed the idea of me starting a Screen Geeks-sponsored blog that would contain my incoherent ramblings about movies. He had the idea of hosting a blogspot thing-y, but I wanted Tumblr seeing as how that’s what all the cool kids use these days. Dave could not use his technical wizardry though to have SG host it though. So we kind of both lost our enthusiasm on the idea and didn’t discuss it again. But on a whim (the whim being browsing the Tumblr of the illustrious Hunter Stephenson) I buckled down and finally started my own Tumblr account.

Before I link to it I should prepare you for what exactly it contain. It will obviously center on pop-culture, but it was also probably range into bizarre personal stuff that are only hinted on my Twitter account. But here’s the damn thing in all it’s infantile glory :

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