SDFF Interview – Official Rejection’s Paul Osborne


One of the great things about the Starz Denver Film Festival 2009 isn’t just the great movies.  It’s getting to meet the great people behind some of these great movies.  On Saturday, Barry and I had the great privelage of talking with the director of Official Rejection, Paul Osborne.  The film and interview make for a brutally honest, yet funny look at the festival world and why not getting into one of the big festivals doesn’t necessarily spell failure for your movie.

We’ll have a couple reviews of this up later this week, but Official Rejection is definitely one of the must-see films of SDFF this year.  If you aren’t near Denver, don’t fret.  The film releases tomorrow on Amazon via a 1-disc and 2-disc release along with being available on Amazon On Demand in the near future.  You can also pick up the film’s subject, Ten ‘Till Noon, while you’re there.

Official Rejection Interview

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Dave Minkus

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One Comment

  1. Great interview!
    That is the 2nd time I have heard the same comments about the “jokes” that large film festivals have become. (Sundance, Cannes)
    Kevin Murphy (MST3k) traveled all over the world and visited, or tried to visit, even sneaking in to some, and came to the same conclusion.
    It is a shame that what are supposed to be the small windows for independent film makers have become just one more avenue for the major studios to exploit.

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