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StarFest 2011 Interview: Jeffrey Combs

Barry was lucky and got to talk to the man at the top of his interview wishlist for StarFest this year as well.

Jeffrey Combs is known for being in everything from Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine to Re-Animator to The Frighteners and a million other things.  Mr. Combs was generous to spend some time talking with Barry about his acting background and some of his stage work as well.

StarFest Interview with Jeffrey Combs

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StarFest 2011 Interview: Mark Sheppard

I may have only been able to do one interview at this year’s StarFest, but I’m thrilled that I got to talk to the gentleman at the top of my wish list for the year.

I’ve always admired Mark Sheppard’s work, whether it be as Badger on Firefly, Crowley on Supernatural or as Jim Sterling on Leverage.  What made me a lifelong fan of his, though, was the discovery that he’s a geek like us.  It was apparent in all of his interviews and even moreso during his interactions with fans at the convention.  He made a point of talking with every fan in his autograph line and went out to hang with the geeks during the gigantic party known as Saturday night.  I hope you enjoy the interview.

Starfest Interview with Mark Sheppard

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SGR Episode 147 – StarFest 2011 Wrapup

Partially recovered from their con-daze, Barry and Dave talk about the weekend that was StarFest 2011.

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SGR Episode 147

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