Josh's Rant: Am I the Only One Who Wants To See Speed Racer?



There are so many blockbuster films coming out this summer that it’s really hard to pick which one you could be excited for the most. However one of the biggest films coming out this summer seems to be receiving a lot of trash talk from critics and Internet bloggers. That film would be Speed Racer.


While the majority of staff here at seem to agree that the film looks like “visual vomit”, I appear to stand alone in the opinion that I think this film is going to be a real treat. I watched the television series when I was a little kid, through various re-runs on cartoon network. While I wasn’t a die-hard fan, there was always something catchy about the show that I loved. Maybe it was the stylized races or the over the top characters. Either way, I always tuned in with a smile on my face.

  We are living in the age where almost anything can be turned into a motion picture with a blink of an executive producer’s eye. Whil

e I frowned on made television show themed movies—Underdog, The Dukes of Hazard, Scooby Doo to name a few—I think Speed Racer is really going to set a high bar for these types of films.


The last time we saw a Wachowski film was 2003’s Matrix Revolutions. A film that, while didn’t live up to the first one still managed to be a visually stunning film and a solid sequel. It’s obvious that these directors are heavily influenced by the Japanese culture and style of filmmaking, and that’s why I feel like these guys are perfect for Speed Racer.


It’s really hard for me to make an argument that Speed Racer is going to be a good film based on the lackluster trailers. However, I can argue that for as much of a sugar rush as this film looks, I think it’s going to be a fun time and a spectacular visual achievement. Even if I’m the only one look forward to Speed Racer, I will still be there opening day ready to go…..get the pun?




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