All Kinds of DVD/Bluray Special Editions Coming From Warner Brothers

If there’s ever been a complaint from DVD collectors in the US, it’s that the good editions never come out here.  Japan and the UK both got an amazing version of the Alien Quadrilogy stored in an alien head, Japan and the UK also got a really cool version of I Robot complete with a bust of Sonny that holds the discs, and Japan got the 6-disc Grindhouse experience.  I’m the proud owner of the Korean Limited Edition Big Fish that is a little different than the US version.  Why can’t we ever get good stuff like that here?  Things have gotten better with the special releases of The Office and even the glorious Office Space box set, but we’ve still been getting the short end of the stick for years.

Apparently, those days are over.  The Digital Bits put up an article about a bunch of uber-dvd sets that will be coming out, and they look amazing.  If the Batman Begins set price point of $28.99 is any indication, these could also be VERY affordable.

I’ll let you click the link to check it out, but I’m posting my personal favorites below:




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