Terry Malick’s Tree of Life coming this year!

NOTE : I am aware that it’s Terrence Malick. But I once saw George Lucas refer to him as Terry. And I like that.

According to Barry’s bible, Variety, Terrence Malick’s latest will be coming just in time for Christmas this year. This comes as a major surprise seeing as how Malick likes to take his time when it comes to making and releasing his movies. So naturally many expected this to be out next year. Of course the major talk about the movie has been about it coming to IMAX and containing dinosaurs. The former might not (actually absolutely has zero chance would be more accurate) happen seeing as how IMAX theaters will be pretty busy showing both A Christmas Carol and Avatar around that time. It looks like if Malick wants to get his movie seen he might need to get Sean Penn in a motion-capture suit and have him playing a photo-realistic looking T-Rex.

So even though I was pretty bored by the foliage-porn that was The New World, I’m still mad at myself for not seeing it in the theater. Because Malick’s films are definite events. Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line both rank amongst my favorite movies of all-time. So some time this holiday season prepare for the cinematic experience of voice-over, shots of trees, dinosaurs and people under the age of 50 walking-out.

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