SGR Episode 93 – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Our series on Wes Craven continues.  How could we do a series without a Freddy movie?  The answer is, we can’t.  We also have a great discussion about Roman Polnaski.

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  1. Guys, I read this on your Facebook page “Our next episode will be our Tom Green special in which Ethan will spend the entire episode trying to convince Dave of the brilliance of Freddy Got Fingered.”

    This better not be a joke 😉

    Personally, I hope Ethan will also reenact scenes from the film and at the end Dave, Barry and Melissa will join him for a special a capella version of “Daddy, would you like some sausage?”

    It would be the greatest podcast in the history of podcasting.

  2. Actually, it’s not a joke. I went and rented Stealing Harvard and Freddy Got Fingered on my lunch break today. Barry and Melissa will be missing the next episode, and this seemed to be a fun way to take a break on the series.

  3. Here is the thing about Polanski that people aren’t catching, he isn’t being extradited because of the rape, it’s because he is a fugitive from justice. He committed a separate crime of fleeing the country after pleading guilty to a crime. It’s the same as breaking out of jail. He will be returned to the country and will do the time for his original crime and ALSO for fleeing that justice.

    Let me be clear, justice is not about the wishes of the victim whether that person wants forgiveness or blood. We have laws. Polanski violated those laws. He must serve his time or our laws mean nothing. Being a creative person doesn’t excuse him for the rape nor for running away. Having his wife murdered does not excuse him for the rape not for running away. Being forgiven by the person he raped doesn’t excuse him for his crimes.

    “Why now?” is a separate issue and can be argued a LONG time until some one in the California Justice Department says something close to definitive. Personally I think it probably has more to do with people having the same feelings you guys put forth.

    Perspective is what is needed. To me, Polanski will be a good film maker I wouldn’t want living in my neighborhood. And frankly, the media should leave his victim in peace.

  4. You’ve nailed it, Elf_NFB. A lot of people on the “Get a rope” side of the argument seem to think he should be retried. He’s been convicted of his crime and even arguably done his time. He’s going to have extra time added for fleeing the country, and that’s right. You can’t just leave because you don’t like the outcome of the trial. I’m glad people are starting to look at this with common sense.

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