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SGR Episode 97 – Wes Craven’s Red Eye

As we draw our series on Wes Craven to a close, we chose a real winner to finish up.  Red Eye is the definition of the types of movies we like to find:  great films by great filmmakers that are reatively under the radar.

Quint’s holiday geek gift guide

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SDFF Interview: Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo director Jessica Oreck


We’ve still got a couple more interviews in the works from the Starz Denver Film Festival.  Getting to talk to Jessica Oreck, the writer and director of Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, was a real treat.  This is a fascinating and beautifully shot film that definitely needs to be seen.

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SGR Episode 96 – SDFF Wrapup

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at the Starz Denver Film Festival.  We had a great time and we spend some time talking about the great time we had, the awesome movies seen and have a couple pieces of constructive criticism about how it can be even better!

Elisabeth Rappe from Cinematical and The Flickcast is kind enough to slum it and join us for all sorts of fun.

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Dave’s Review: Precious


By Dave Minkus 
Score:  7/10

It’s been over a week since I saw Precious, and I’ve been dreading writing this review, frankly.  I honestly don’t know what I think about it.  The film definitely has a lot going for it, but it also has a bit working against it.

Precious follows the excruciating life of Clarice Precious Jones.  She’s dark skinned, obese and just got pregnant with her second child by her father.  That’s just the first 5 minutes of the movie.  Her mom abuses her as well, she’s miserable and only remotely happy when escaping into fantasies when real life is just too much.  Actually, too much might just be the perfect description of Precious.



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Dave’s Review: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans


by Dave Minkus
Score: 8.5/10

I’m going to say it right here and now:  Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is going to BOMB at the box office.  This isn’t because it’s a bad movie.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The fact is that Bad Lieutenant is TOO good a movie.  The American movie audience doesn’t derserve this surreal masterpiece, and they’re going to turn their backs on it because it’s too wierd.  I had not idea what to expect going into this film, but I was open to whatever ride it was going to take me on.  Nothing could have prepared me for the glory I was in for.



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SDFF Interview: Touching Home directors Logan and Noah Miller


The Starz Denver Film Fest interviews just keep coming!  This time, Barry had the privelage of talking with Logan and Noah Miller, directors of Touching Home.  Barry talks to them about casting Ed Harris as their dad and how they came to make their first feature and even write a book about it.  It’s a fascinating listen!

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SDFF Interview – Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story director Louis Lapat


And the hits just keep on coming, kids!  This time up, Barry got the chance to talk to Louis Lapat, director of Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story.  One of the things both Barry and I love about the Starz Denver Film Festival is the chance to discover great movies like this.  There’s really no other way that we can find these gems and we love talking to the filmmakers because we’re fans of good film and want to get the word out as much as possible!

Also…I had to bleep an f-bomb from Barry for the first time in our podcasting career together.

You can also find more information at the film’s official Facebook page.

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SDFF Interview – George Hardy and Michael Paul Stephenson From Best Worst Movie


So far, our interviews at the Starz Denver Film Festival have been the most fun we’ve ever done.  This time around, we’re honored to speak with Dr. George Hardy and Micahel Paul Stephenson from Best Worst Movie and Troll 2.  I can’t even begin to say what a pleasure this interview was.  We had a great time talking with these gentlemen about what it means to be in the worst movie ever made and how they came to embrace it.  We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it.

Best Worst Movie Interview

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SDFF Interview – Official Rejection’s Paul Osborne


One of the great things about the Starz Denver Film Festival 2009 isn’t just the great movies.  It’s getting to meet the great people behind some of these great movies.  On Saturday, Barry and I had the great privelage of talking with the director of Official Rejection, Paul Osborne.  The film and interview make for a brutally honest, yet funny look at the festival world and why not getting into one of the big festivals doesn’t necessarily spell failure for your movie.

We’ll have a couple reviews of this up later this week, but Official Rejection is definitely one of the must-see films of SDFF this year.  If you aren’t near Denver, don’t fret.  The film releases tomorrow on Amazon via a 1-disc and 2-disc release along with being available on Amazon On Demand in the near future.  You can also pick up the film’s subject, Ten ‘Till Noon, while you’re there.

Official Rejection Interview

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In which Ethan pimps his newly-formed Tumblr account

Yes, I decided to file this under cool stuff.

Anywho, me and Dave had previously discussed the idea of me starting a Screen Geeks-sponsored blog that would contain my incoherent ramblings about movies. He had the idea of hosting a blogspot thing-y, but I wanted Tumblr seeing as how that’s what all the cool kids use these days. Dave could not use his technical wizardry though to have SG host it though. So we kind of both lost our enthusiasm on the idea and didn’t discuss it again. But on a whim (the whim being browsing the Tumblr of the illustrious Hunter Stephenson) I buckled down and finally started my own Tumblr account.

Before I link to it I should prepare you for what exactly it contain. It will obviously center on pop-culture, but it was also probably range into bizarre personal stuff that are only hinted on my Twitter account. But here’s the damn thing in all it’s infantile glory :

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