Can't Wait To See Postal? Good Luck Finding It…

At ScreenGeeks, we use all kinds of resources for our theatrical and dvd releases.  We use Box Office Mojo for referrence on all of our theatrical releases.  For the past few months, they've been showing that Postal will be getting a wide release against Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull next weekend.  Some would say that's crazy to do, but I think it's a brilliant move.  When Postal fails at the box office, he'll be able to say that everyone who would have seen Postal went to see Indy instead.

 Well, it looks like that's not the only excuse Uwe Boll will have when Postal flops.  Kotaku got ahold of a press release from Uwe Boll saying that instead of opening on 1500 screens nationwide, he's now getting a whopping FOUR screens.  Apparently, they can't even get theaters in New York or Los Angeles to let them rent out theaters to show the movie.

According to the release posted on Kotaku, Boll says that, “Theatrical distributors are boycotting Postal because of its political content.”  I'm sure that is a valid argument.  Who really wants to see a movie that opens with terrorists arguing over how many virgins they would get in the afterlife before crashing into the twin towers?  On the other hand, who really wants to see parts of Dave Foley that no human should ever pay to see?  My point is that it's equally as likely that distributors actually took a look at what Boll's films have done at the box office as it is that they consider Mr. Boll's latest work offensive.

So, for those of you who wanted to see Postal just to see how bad it really could be, there's a good chance that you'll be saved both your time and money.



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