Ten 2010 Movies that you *should* be looking forward to…because I really am

Before I get into this I should note that Shutter Island was on here for awhile but the whole delayed-to-February thing in combination with seeing the trailer so many times has given me a kind of blue balls effect. Still, I eagerly await anything from Eyebrows. Anyway, here…we…go.

The American

I’m a big fan of Corbijn’s work + the Cloon and while it could very well be next year’s The Limits of Control (which I still need to get around to seeing) I feel like Corbijn has a masterpiece brewing within him. What really excites me is how I can totally see this fitting into the Point Blank/Le Samourai mold. Corbijn’s sense of style ready to explode all over the face of a loner assassin movie has me totally stoked.

Enter the Void

I’ve heard this compared to 2001 : A Space Odyssey on multiple occasions and that understandably has me quite anxious. While watching Noe’s heartbreaking, disturbing and haunting Irreversible I knew that I was watching a true auteur at work. A 161-minute voyage through the most revolting aspects of humanity may seem like a turn-off but I welcome it completely. The only thing that has me worried is its actual release. From my knowledge the movie has no North American release date or distributor, and even if it does attain these things it may very well never come to my neck ‘er the woods.

The Grand Master

This seems like it’ll be a comeback for WKW after My Blueberry Nights (which gosh darnit I kind of liked) just because…that’s how these things work. I remember some rule about how a director creates their best work after their least creatively successful film. Again, I liked My Blueberry Nights, nobody else did. Anyway, I always look forward to another film from the master of heartsick mood and atmosphere. Plus, doesn’t the idea of him making a movie about the guy who trained Bruce Lee sound kind of kickass and awesome?

Green Zone

Though I admittedly haven’t seen Bloody Sunday, I feel like Greengrass was one of the greatest and most recognizable auteurs of the last decade. He perfectly understands and orchestrates the idea of “controlled chaos” within all his films. There are of course the babies who whine about “shaky cam” but they don’t even understand what they’re talking about. But really, I’m excited to see a tentpole action film that uses the setting of war-torn Iraq. There was The Hurt Locker, but the $150 million budget must be bringing in some pretty creative (yet gritty) set-pieces.


Probably the movie on this list that I’m most looking forward to just in case you haven’t noticed that this is all being done alphabetically. Anyway, nobody has any real idea what the hell this movie is about and that has me extremely super-duper stoked. I get the feeling that Nolan is using every single inch of his Dark Knight-goodwill to make the most extremely expensive yet challenging and cerebral science-fiction film possible. And by July I hope to be able to walk into a nightclub, yell “YOUR MIND IS THE SCENE OF THE CRIME!” and have everybody go “Ay!”


I was actually a little hesitant about putting this on here because I can already foresee its inevitable overexposure amongst the fratboy culture (a la 300). But still, all those glowing reviews coming out of Butt-Numb-A-Thon have me pretty eager to see it. Devin Faraci’s particular quote of “An Apocalyptic Ode to Blood Lust” excites me.

The Social Network

I remember comparing the pairing (that kinda rhymes) of David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin to the combo of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Joss Whedon, though I remain optimistic that this will turn out far, far, far better than Alien : Resurrection. In fact I kind of get the impression that this is going to be next year’s movie that kind of sneaks up and blows everybody away. Everyone should have high expectations for it already but the fact that it’s a movie about the creation of Facebook starring Justin Timberlake has resulted in a pretty bleh pre-release reaction from all the internet fanboys. Some may argue that this and Benjamin Button are a representation of Fincher moving away from visually-stunning thrillers to middling Oscar-bait but I…uh…disagree. I liked Benjamin Button dammit!

The Tree of Life

Dinosaurs? To quote RAAAAAAAANDY “WUH-OH!!!!” But anyway, when I ended up not getting around to The New World in theaters I really felt like kicking myself. Who passes up the opportunity to see a Terrence Malick movie in the theaters? Especially when he has an average of 10.6 years between films; for all I know he could’ve croaked before he made another! Thankfully though he’s back with this thing which apparently has something to do with grief, mourning, crying, nature and aforementioned dinosaurs. I iz stoked panda.

Untitled James L. Brooks Project

As someone who at times aspires to be a screenwriter, I maintain the belief that Brooks’ Broadcast News screenplay is utter perfection, it’s a major source of inspiration for whenever I repeatedly tap my fingers on the keyboard. I know his last movie, Spanglish was kind of pooped on, but I bring back the whole theory about an artist’s worst work being followed by their best. I can just feel a comeback. Plus, Paul Rudd in the lead? Inspired.

Your Highness

This is destined to be a cult-classic. DESTINED. The esoteric studio movies that are by the absolute skin-of-their-teeth greenlit always fascinate and greatly entertain me. I know like the case with Fincher that some are disappointed with DGG going in more mainstream directions, but are two 80’s throwback stoner comedies really that mainstream? Personally, a stoner comedy inspired by Krull and The Beastmaster sounds like something that nobody else would make.

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