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Hot off the heels of yesterday’s big announcement concerning Marvel (look at the last post of the site), we get another major comic-book related item of news. This being that The Fantastic Four will officialy be rebooted. This according to always awesome and pleasing Variety. Batman & Robin mastermind Akiva Goldsman has been hired to oversee the project to make sure that it inevitably goes into a dark, gritty direction. Yes 20th Century, stop making sense. In addition a writer from the show that everyone wonders why it’s still on the air, Heroes, has been hired to make words come out of the mouths of the characters. My take on all of this? Wait for the next paragraph, I want to draw this out.

I’m a big fan of the F4 comics and completely support a reboot. I didn’t have a problem with the two other movies being kiddy-friendly and light. My main problem is that they were so middle of the road and forgettable. I want a F4 movie with scope. It can be rated PG, but it shouldn’t feel to need to underachieve and speak down to children because of that. I’ve heard suggestions of making it a period piece set in the 60’s, which I think is a great idea. But knowing the Fox execs, they’ll find a way to completely screw this up. But hey, if you don’t want to go in the lighter direction, I remind you of my Apatow-produced F4 idea. With Paul Rudd as Mr. Fantastic, Leslie Mann as The Invisible Woman, Michael Cera as The Human Torch, Seth Rogen as The Thing and Bill Hader as Dr. Doom. Don’t act like you wouldn’t want to see that.

Anyway, how would you approach it? Who would you cast? Who would you get to direct (note : you are not allowed to answer Christopher Nolan or Jon Favreau)? Tell me! I want this site to be interactive!

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  1. I don’t have any directors in mind..but whenever the FF gets “rebooted” I feel like I get rebooted in the gut.
    As much as I like the idea of the FF, I am really beginning to wonder if it is actually possible to make good film with them.
    I didn’t mind the latest 2 either. Great films, no, but not horrible either.
    I’m beginning to think that the FF is a product of their time and out of their time they just can’t hold up.

  2. My first thought was “Back to the Future”-era Zemeckis doing a F4 movie, but he’d try and do it motion capture now and have Gary Oldman play 12 different roles.

    I know Brad Bird is trying to segue into live-action with “1906”, and he already make a pretty perfect “Fantastic Four” movie with “The Incredibles”. Matthew Vaughn could be good, as could Guillermo Del Toro, but Del Toro is an answer that could apply to almost any franchise.

    Let’s just all hope it doesn’t end up being Brett Ratner, in which case Chris Tucker would be the Human Torch.

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