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I figured that it’s been FAR too long since I’ve pimped out the amazing film Ink.  It’s been selling out all over the place and gaining fans wherever it goes.  Here’s an updated list of where Ink is coming next:


Sept 3 – Los Angeles, CA
Lemmle Sunset 5 (Get tickets early.  This one WILL sell out)

September 12th and 13th – Alexandria, VA
Fire Flies Del Ray

September 13th – Castle Rock, CO
Castle Rock Film Festival

September 16th – Colorado Springs, CO
7:00pm at the Lon Chaney Theater (Q&A to follow)

September 20th – Three Rivers, MI
The Riviera Theatre

October 9th – Colorado Springs, CO
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

October 23rd – Pepin, WI
Opening Night Film for the Flyway Film Festival (Q&A to follow)

Oct 30th – Denver, CO
Starz Filmcenter

There are also plans in the works for screenings in Chicago, IL and Ft. Wayne, IN.  There is also talk of a couple European dates possible.  I know that UCCS is still working out how the screening will work.  We will give you more information as soon as we have it.

There are two screenings, however, that I’d like to draw your attention to.  Yes, both screenings are in Colorado Springs.  If the film is coming near you, make every effort you can to catch it.  If you can make it down for either of the Springs screenings, we’d personally love it.

I’ve been blessed and honored that Jamin and Kiowa asked me to introduce the film on September 16th and moderate the Q&A afterward.  It should make for a great time.  The screening at UCCS on October 9th will be moderated by Barry and should be a great experience for all hardcore film geeks.  At least Barry and I will be at both screenings, and Melissa should be coming to the 9/16 screening as of right now as well.

As more screenings are announced, we’ll post about them here.  You seriously need to see this movie if you have the opportunity to do so.

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