Aronofsky Might Be Leaving Robocop


It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of remakes. However, there are times where an idea intrigues me enough that I really want to see how it turns out. Darren Aronofsky’s Robocop is one of those projects. Aronofsky has never once struck me as the kind of guy who will do any project if there are enough zero’s in the paycheck. If he takes on a project, he has a specific vision and idea of what he wants to do.

Well, it looks like he may be walking away from this project now, according to Moviehole.  Apparently, the project is on hold because the studio wants the film to be in 3D and Aronofsky isn’t interested in going that route.  I have to say that I applaud Mr. Aronofsky for willing to stick to his guns.

Being willing to walk away from such a big project reminds me of David Lynch not wanting to do Return Of the Jedi because his heart wasn’t in it.  It takes a lot of integrity to be willing to walk away from a lot of money and attention because you know you aren’t the guy for the job.  In my opinion, it would be that the studio isn’t right for the director if MGM lets Aronofsky walk away from this project.

I understand that 3D is all the rage now because everyone seems to be doing it and because ticket prices are higher for 3D movies, but not everybody is interested in 3D.  I don’t mind the occasional 3D film, but I’d honestly quit going to the theater if all that was offered was 3D films.  James Cameron has shown that phenomenal things can be done with 3D and CG in Avatar, but it’s becoming apparent that’s just not how Darren Aronofsky works.  If he wants to work more in practical effects and making things look amazing the old fashioned way, I’m perfectly fine with that.  The last thing I want to see if a CGI-filled 3D version of Robocop.  It would loose the grit and grime that belongs in a Robocop film.

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  1. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the fact that there is a Robocop remake in the works.
    I can’t help but think that this movie in 3d would have all the things that typically ruin a 3d film. Unlike Avatar that just utilizes the effect to provide the depth and distance of what you are seeing, Robocop lends itself to easily to bullets and shrapnel flying at you for no other reason than that it can.
    Kudos for someone stepping up and saying “No”.

  2. Good for Aronofsky … too rare to see a director/actor these days turn down a project for the right reasons. Frankly, trying to make a 3-D Robo means it’s far more about the quick money hit than the movie itself, most likely.

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